About Ashton

Welcome to Thriving in Him!  My name is Ashton Thiessen and I am excited to share what God lays on my heart with all of you on this blog. A little about me;  I am a small town girl living in a “medium-sized town.” I am a brand spankin newlywed married to my exact same/ total opposite/ very best friend, Kyle. I have a passion for the new missions God calls me to each day and would live in a tiny house in a second if it didn’t turn away the idea of community and fellowship with others. Unlike your typical blogger, I hate coffee but enjoy the coffee shop atmosphere and the quality time with friends it brings. I have a love of traveling, photography, long walks, peach rings, and you can bet about 97% of my wardrobe is found from a thrift store and 100% of my identity is found in Christ.

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